This is really a fantastic book. This we

This is really a fantastic book. This week only it is for sale for 99 Cents! Go to Amazon and download your copy now! http://ow.ly/n36sb

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jnaomiay.wordpress.com: Coming soon: Bla

jnaomiay.wordpress.com: Coming soon: Black Gold – Time Tripping Adventures #1: And now for something completely different…introducing a … http://wp.me/p2kaBx-pi

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nhwn.wordpress.com: Passing on the Joy:

nhwn.wordpress.com: Passing on the Joy: I am moderating a panel this fall at the at New England Crime Bake. It is entitled “High… http://wp.me/pUTUc-1WU

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tahlianewland.com: Mist by Susan Krinard

tahlianewland.com: Mist by Susan Krinard: Norse gods in San Fransisco; awesome urban metaphysical fantasy.: Mist grabbed me and pulle… http://wp.me/pUebI-19f

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Indie Authors should be all “A-Flitter” for Twitter! Part 3 of 3

You want a bunch of followers who buy and read books.  Our goal is to get 10,000 of those people following us. So how do we find those people? Easy.  In the little gray box (search box) in the upper right hand corner type in the words “kindle deals” and hit enter.  Twitter will automatically default to tweets that have the words “kindle deals” in the tweet.  Look to the left column of the screen and click on the second section that says “people.” When you do this it will list people on twitter to have “kindle deals” in their name or in their profile.  Click on the first person and then follow them.  Now, click on the section that shows how many people are following them.  When you do this it takes you to a list of everyone who is following them.  These are the people you want to follow, because they are interested in kindle deals for their kindles.  These are the people who read!  These are the people who buy books!  Follow these people until you cannot follow any more of them.

Now try something else more specific.  Let’s say you are writing a book for young adults about vampires (original right?).  So type in the search box “teen reader vampires” and do the same thing.  Click on one of the people and follow all their followers. Now, click on one of their follower profiles.  In this case I would choose the young girl who’s profile picture is modified to look like a vampire.  See all her followers?  Bingo!  There are 525 followers, all teens, who love reading and love vampires!  Now, that is target marketing at it’s best! Now, follow all her followers.

Will all these people follow you back? No, they will not.  But you don’t care—why? Because there are 2,599,345 other teen girls out there who love to read and love vampires.  Also, remember if only one girl out of this group follows you and Retweets one of your post and she has 3000 followers—you just reached 3000 girls in your target market! Oh, the power of social media! You gotta love it!

Reba Ponder Weiss is the Author of “this i know – Sarah’s Confession” and is currently working on a self-help book for Indie Authors.


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Can you be honest? Part 3 of 3

As a final note to all you indie authors, keep in mind, “This is YOUR story, not mine.” criticism should be an inspiration not a discouragement.  Think of it like this, someone telling you that they hate the main character, doesn’t mean you need cancel your story and start over.  It just means that you may need to modify the personal traits of the character.  If you LOVE everything about your main character, then you should keep them the way they are.  Just keep in mind, if a second reader tells you they hate your main character, you need to SERIOUSLY consider changing some things.  If you still hold firm that you LOVE your main character, then be warned, you are making a huge gamble.  Chances are there is a major problem with your main character (that you don’t want to accept).  In the end, it is YOUR main character and you have the power to change it, or not to change it.  Choose wisely.  Think of your beta readers as representing 1000 readers each.  If you have 5 readers and three of them say they hate your main character, that equates to 3000 people “hating your book.” That also means you have to find the (now) small market of readers who love your type of characters.

My mother always says, “You made your bed now lay in it.”

A special note here in closing.  You need to plan on at least three or four months for re-writing, corrections, and adding dialogue. Don’t set a release date until you are finished with at least the first edit round.

Good luck and good writing!


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Can you be honest? Part 2 of 3

When I got back my original manuscripts from my (beta) readers, two out of the three hated the ending. They said they felt cheated and almost angry. I was crushed! I loved my ending! Instead of taking it personally, I needed to take the overall idea that my ending needed something more.  It was a clear signal I needed to rework my ending. Please note: I still get critical feedback about my ending, so maybe I should have worked it more.  You don’t have to take every suggestion they make to heart, but you better think long and hard if two early readers agree on something. Five people read my book in the beginning and I am so thankful for their honesty, suggestions and corrections.

If you have a publisher, you won’t have this problem. They will do it for you. Be aware, their readers will be a lot tougher than any reader you could choose. You are going to have to develop a thick skin. Any publisher will tell you that.

So, at this point I have to talk to you a little about a thick skin. This book does not define you. Yes, it will be a reflection of your writing skills but this book is not the next great Moby Dick. Trust me; the chances that you have written the next Gone With the Wind, are slim—real slim. Let’s just say for a minute that you have written a masterpiece, even the greatest classics of all time have people who hate them. Think of all those high school students who read Romeo and Juliet and reported back, “this is the stupidest book I was ever forced to read!”, “hated it!” “Couldn’t understand what William Shakespeare was trying to say. Why can’t the guy just learn English?” Every writer has to develop a thick skin, so you need to start doing that right now. Guess what, you are going to get bad reviews, thumbs down, and searing comments. Yes…yes you will. I will tell you what to do about some of those bad comments later in this book (especially when they happen on Amazon or Good Reads), but for now, resign yourself to the fact you are not the next Hemingway.  Chances are, you are a mid-range author.  Don’t cringe–mid range authors make a good living at writing! Work within that range and if your book soars to the New York Times Best Seller List–then God Bless your little heart!  Until then, lets focus on writing, proofing and putting the best product we can out to the marketplace!

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Fonts Can Be Fun!

Really! They can be fun!

Really! They can be fun!

Oh, and speaking of fonts, decide in advance what font you like, and then type your manuscript in that font. You can always change it later.  Trust me,  it makes your life a whole lot easier in the long run. The best way to find out what you like is to go to a bookstore or a library and look through a bunch of books. When you find something you like, make a copy of the cover, make a copy of the first chapter page and make a copy of the back of the book. Sometimes inside the book (in the first few pages or the last page, there will be a font and spacing guide), make a copy of that page too.  Decide which book you like the best and try to recreate it as close as possible. Remember, someone has probably hired a graphic designer to design everything about the book and you can use the format as inspiration for your book. I am not saying to copy the graphic design of the book, simply use the placement of the pictures, text, size, style and placement to design your own book. At this point all you need to decide is the interior font for your text. Also decide on the spacing you will use. I used Georgia font 11.5/13.5 for my text (or body of the manuscript). That means the font size is set at 11.5 and the spacing is set at exactly 13.5. It is called “leading” because it is the actual spaces of the lead strips used between font blocks in a printing press.

Have fun.  This is an exciting time in the design of your book.

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In the Valley

A little over a week has passed since the “Big Launch” of the video book promo.  Wow! This is such an exciting ride.  We have almost 600 views of the video and the YouTube video went international the second night!

A few things I learned:

  1. YouTube has levels (just like in a video game).  When you reach about 390 views, they actually weed out the multiple views from your original IP address.  This means if you have watched your video over and over…it will delete those views from the count.  So, just sitting around and viewing your video over and over doesn’t pay off in the end.  Thank goodness, we did not do this.
  2. It does however, count all the views (even if they are multiple) from other IP addresses.  So your friend in Omaha can view it as many times as they like…and they count.
  3. When you reach the 400 mark, your video count is only updated every 12 hours (this is our estimation).

My nose has also been to the grindstone as I completed the final edits on the manuscript.  Once again, I cannot tell you enough…DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLETE BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR MANUSCRIPT.  Also one other tiny glitch; the graphics must be above 200dpi (I scanned mine at 600).  The problem is that when the CreateSpace “edit reviewer” converts the file to PDF the graphics are converted to unusable graphics (under 200 dpi).  We tried everything! We converted the graphics to JPEG, GIF, and every other format under the sun.  Nothing worked.  Finally, we realized we must convert the file to PDF ourselves and THEN insert the graphics.  The problem is that we do not have the Adobe programs (we only have the reader).  Thankfully, a friend has the programs and is converting and inserting the graphics for us.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works.

Till Tomorrow,


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