Why Self-Publish?

People ask me all the time–Why do you want to self-publish?

In a nut shell, I like making my own decisions about my work.  I like being able to say, “Sure, print that, share that, sell this, mix up that, I will be happy to give you that, or change this.” I don’t like someone telling me what I can do with my own stuff.  Maybe I am a control freak, but if you are going to tell me what to do, you better be my sweet husband or you better be ready to PAY for the rights to tell me how I can do something. Yep, I have a little more Southern in me than the average bear.

My book was “time specific” and I felt the market was reaching a peak with the “end of the world stuff.”  I didn’t have the time, nor the patience to wait two or three years for 50 or more people to reject me, just to find that one agent who thought I was worth something to them.  I just kept asking the question, “Who is paying who, here?”

It is like, I have a great family recipe for pie. I feel the need to make pies, but I don’t know how to sell the pies.  So I send out the recipe to several chefs and they all come back saying they hate my pie.  Then, one person says they like my pie (with some revisions) and they will make it and sell it for me (with strings attached of course, a big one being I don’t own the rights to my recipe). OH, and by the way they get 3/4 of my pie.

On the other hand a major box retailer has a million shelves, they take anyone’s pie,  and put it on a shelf.  You get to keep your recipe and they only take 1/8 of the pie…oh and you can sell your pie where you like…you can even make a pie movie or a pieTune if you like.  They don’t care, they just take your pie and put it on their big ole shelf. They let the pie EATER decide if they like the pie or not.  That, my friend, sounds simple enough.

Do I think I did the right thing? HECK, YES!  Do I think I have messed in my nest or made a bed I can never be comfortable in? HECK, NO!  The B-E-A-utiful part about this whole thing is that I can still sell my book to a publisher IF I ever want to sell it.  Nothing has changed in the least.  My question to all those people who ask me–Why did I self publish? My question to them is–Why not?

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19 thoughts on “Why Self-Publish?

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  3. reganwalker

    good advice; I posted your blog post to my Facebook!

  4. Agreed Reba, and I love the freedom it gives to be involved in every aspect of the creative process!

  5. Alana! You are SO correct! You retain the rights for movies, songs, design…everything!

  6. I like the analogy about the pie! Never thought of that before. I think you made the correct decision, as it’s the same one I made!

  7. katkennedy506087046

    Excellent blogs on self publishing! BTW love, love, love your book trailer. Can’t wait to read this one! Always great to connect with Southern writers. Great job!

    • thank you so much for your sweet comments. Please enjoy the book and if you get a chance, leave a review on Amazon…it helps me more than you can ever know!

  8. Thank you. I needed to read that. I’m in the middle of self publishing with the help of Cross Books and am frustrated with some things. But I can still do what I want. Your post has reminded me that I am in control. Look out, here comes my Bible Study.

  9. Excellent analogy. And now I’m hungry. For my own recipe of magic cookie bars…strangely enough…not pie.

  10. working through this decision right now – thanks for the input!

  11. Your advice is absolutely correct. I self published and would do it again.

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