Indie Authors should be all “A-Flitter” for Twitter! Part 3 of 3

You want a bunch of followers who buy and read books.  Our goal is to get 10,000 of those people following us. So how do we find those people? Easy.  In the little gray box (search box) in the upper right hand corner type in the words “kindle deals” and hit enter.  Twitter will automatically default to tweets that have the words “kindle deals” in the tweet.  Look to the left column of the screen and click on the second section that says “people.” When you do this it will list people on twitter to have “kindle deals” in their name or in their profile.  Click on the first person and then follow them.  Now, click on the section that shows how many people are following them.  When you do this it takes you to a list of everyone who is following them.  These are the people you want to follow, because they are interested in kindle deals for their kindles.  These are the people who read!  These are the people who buy books!  Follow these people until you cannot follow any more of them.

Now try something else more specific.  Let’s say you are writing a book for young adults about vampires (original right?).  So type in the search box “teen reader vampires” and do the same thing.  Click on one of the people and follow all their followers. Now, click on one of their follower profiles.  In this case I would choose the young girl who’s profile picture is modified to look like a vampire.  See all her followers?  Bingo!  There are 525 followers, all teens, who love reading and love vampires!  Now, that is target marketing at it’s best! Now, follow all her followers.

Will all these people follow you back? No, they will not.  But you don’t care—why? Because there are 2,599,345 other teen girls out there who love to read and love vampires.  Also, remember if only one girl out of this group follows you and Retweets one of your post and she has 3000 followers—you just reached 3000 girls in your target market! Oh, the power of social media! You gotta love it!

Reba Ponder Weiss is the Author of “this i know – Sarah’s Confession” and is currently working on a self-help book for Indie Authors.


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