Can you be honest? Part 3 of 3

As a final note to all you indie authors, keep in mind, “This is YOUR story, not mine.” criticism should be an inspiration not a discouragement.  Think of it like this, someone telling you that they hate the main character, doesn’t mean you need cancel your story and start over.  It just means that you may need to modify the personal traits of the character.  If you LOVE everything about your main character, then you should keep them the way they are.  Just keep in mind, if a second reader tells you they hate your main character, you need to SERIOUSLY consider changing some things.  If you still hold firm that you LOVE your main character, then be warned, you are making a huge gamble.  Chances are there is a major problem with your main character (that you don’t want to accept).  In the end, it is YOUR main character and you have the power to change it, or not to change it.  Choose wisely.  Think of your beta readers as representing 1000 readers each.  If you have 5 readers and three of them say they hate your main character, that equates to 3000 people “hating your book.” That also means you have to find the (now) small market of readers who love your type of characters.

My mother always says, “You made your bed now lay in it.”

A special note here in closing.  You need to plan on at least three or four months for re-writing, corrections, and adding dialogue. Don’t set a release date until you are finished with at least the first edit round.

Good luck and good writing!


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2 thoughts on “Can you be honest? Part 3 of 3

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  2. Thank you so much for Re-Blogging!

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