Fonts Can Be Fun!

Really! They can be fun!

Really! They can be fun!

Oh, and speaking of fonts, decide in advance what font you like, and then type your manuscript in that font. You can always change it later.  Trust me,  it makes your life a whole lot easier in the long run. The best way to find out what you like is to go to a bookstore or a library and look through a bunch of books. When you find something you like, make a copy of the cover, make a copy of the first chapter page and make a copy of the back of the book. Sometimes inside the book (in the first few pages or the last page, there will be a font and spacing guide), make a copy of that page too.  Decide which book you like the best and try to recreate it as close as possible. Remember, someone has probably hired a graphic designer to design everything about the book and you can use the format as inspiration for your book. I am not saying to copy the graphic design of the book, simply use the placement of the pictures, text, size, style and placement to design your own book. At this point all you need to decide is the interior font for your text. Also decide on the spacing you will use. I used Georgia font 11.5/13.5 for my text (or body of the manuscript). That means the font size is set at 11.5 and the spacing is set at exactly 13.5. It is called “leading” because it is the actual spaces of the lead strips used between font blocks in a printing press.

Have fun.  This is an exciting time in the design of your book.

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2 thoughts on “Fonts Can Be Fun!

  1. This post made me feel good because I have arleady done what you are suggesting. I chose Garamont for the interior font because I found it less stuffy than others, a little more softer. I have done it in font size 12 and spacing 1 single space. Am I wrong? Are your numbers the ones prefered or the standard?
    Thanks for all the info!

  2. The font and spacing I am using is NOT the standard. I found a book at the library that looked almost like I wanted my book to look. It had the “format setup” on the information page so I just used that. The only suggestion I think I could make on yours is that if you font size is set at 12, you spacing should be set between 13 and 13.5.

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