Supper Time Talk: Author Interview with J. Naomi Ay

Supper Time Talk:  Author Interview with J. Naomi Ay

(please note:  Naomi’s book includes adult content.)

Reba:  I have a friend over for dinner tonight.  We just finished the last piece of pie and coffee is brewing.  So, Naomi, I hear you wrote a book—tell us about it.

Naomi:  Actually, I wrote a book series.  The Two Moons of Rehnor is a 5 part series that tells the story of Senya, a very strange boy who was created by the warring kings of the planet Rehnor to rule the planet after them and end the wars forever.  Senya turns out to be a whole lot different than they ever imagined and he ends up affecting a whole lot more than just the planet Rehnor.  The series was written as one giant epic novel and then broken up into 5 parts for release.  Each of the books is more than 70,000 words and follow Senya from childhood to well into middle age.  No more pie, thanks.  I’m good.

Reba:  All ears are now focused on Naomi.  The coffee is ready. Do you take cream, and or sugar?  How long have you been writing?

Naomi:  Do you have decaf?  No?  How about some herbal tea?  I don’t want to be up all night.  Oh yes, the book.  It’s been going on twenty years.  Actually, probably longer now that I think about it.  How time does fly.  I wrote because I had this story in my head and either had to let it out or be medicated.  I never actually thought of publishing it.  I figured if I did, surely someone would suggest I be medicated and take me away to one of those places where you sit around in a straight-jacket and nurses try to chat with you.

Reba:  Oh, I only serve decaf.  I use to be able to drink real coffee all times of the day and never be affected…but no more.  Where do you get your ideas and writing inspiration?”

Naomi:  I don’t know.  I was a trekkie in my youth so that’s the tie-in to all the space adventures they have and I’ve always loved historical fiction about Kings and Queens and such so I guess the story came out of combining these elements.

Reba:  I put a little medication in your coffee and the guys will be over in a minute with the straight jackets…one for me…and one for you!  🙂 Just kidding, of course.  I hear you are self-published.  What made you decide to do that instead of having a traditional publishing house promote your book?

Naomi:  I’m not against a traditional publishing house.  As far as I am concerned, let’s talk.  However, self-publishing was a matter of making a few clicks, waiting a few hours and there you go, you’re published.  It couldn’t get any easier.  The real advantage of course is that I have complete and total control over my books.  I wouldn’t want anyone at this point to come in and tell me, well, you have to change the name on this character or you can’t make him do this because it’s not politically correct.  That would be a total non-starter for me.

Reba:  Oh, I understand totally.  I want to be able to anything with my book, anytime I want to.  You only get that with self-publishing.  I don’t even know if I had an offer from a traditional publishing house…I would even consider it.  There seems to be a bunch of new independent authors out there now.  If you could give them a couple of pointers, what would they be?

Naomi:  Take your time.  Don’t click that button and say publish until you are sure your manuscript is ready.  I did that.  Classic newbie mistake.  I was sick and tired of looking at it and editing and re-editing and I sent it up with thousands of edits yet to go.  DON’T DO THAT!

Reba:  Been there done that…I am with you girl!  The edits are NEVER ending.  So give me a tiny (100 word or less) excerpt from your book.

Naomi:  When I was a girl, I wanted to be a dancer.  My parent’s indulged me because I was their youngest and most precious daughter and so they arranged for a dance tutor to come to the great hall where we lived and teach me to dance.  I loved ballet.  I was graceful as a swan, my father the Duke of Dekoor said.  I was as lithe as a feather, my mother the Duchess said.  I danced every moment that I could, gliding across the floor, leaping into the arms of my tutor and soaring to the heavens on my toes until…

You said 100 words, right?

Reba:  Well, you have me on the edge of my seat Naomi.  It sounds like a great read (I whip out my cell phone).  What is your contact information, links to see more about the book, and how can I buy the book?”

Naomi:  Here are all my links:

On Amazon:

On Smashwords:

On Barnes & Noble–naomi-ay?keyword=J.+naomi+ay&store=allproducts

You can view my lovely trailers on YouTube:


Or connect with me online at:


Reba:  Well, thank you for coming over.  Maybe we can do this again soon.  I have half a pie left…are you sure I can’t wrap that up and send it home with you?

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