Those Pesky Tabs!


A lot of people have ask me what the greatest frustration was in Self-Publishing.  To tell you the truth; IT WAS THE TABS.  Yes, the tabs.  Those pesky little format codes at the beginning of your paragraphs reek all kinds of havack with the Kindle Format.  You have to take them out…out I say!  The only way I know how is to delete them one at a time (if someone comes on here and tells me there is a quick and easy way, I will probably run down the street screaming).

For those of you who have Word 2010 you need to reveal your codes to see these tiny little plauges…here’s how:

1. Open your document and then go to the “Home” tab at the top…then look over to the  right /middle and right beside the AZ↓ icon is a little paragraph symbol…just click on that and it reveals codes….then click on it again when you want to un-reveal codes.

2. Okay so now that you have your reveal codes showing…just kinda scroll down and you see all the “background” stuff going on in your document (it’s all the formats…if we want to get technical). At this point it is good to look around a bit and see what your computer sees when you are obliviously typing away without a care.  Now look closely at your paragraphs.  Look where your paragraph ends and then a new one begins…If there is one “little paragraph symbol” at the end of your paragraph and nothing at the beginning of your next paragraph.  You’re good!  Now just scroll through your whole manuscript making sure they are all that way.  That is how has to be for the kindle format and the paperback too really…but it is not as picky.  But if you see a little arrow or any other symbol at the beginning of your paragraphs–THAT IS A BIG NO_NO!  You have to go through your whole manuscript and take every one of those out.  Go to the end of your paragraph and hit the enter key….see how that adds the paragraph symbol? Okay now delete that extra paragraph symbol.  You must have one of these at the end of each of your paragraphs.  ONLY ONE and then NO tab at the beginning of the next line You have to correct this throughout your book now.

Another thing you have to correct is the “double space bar” at the end of every sentence.  THIS IS EASY you just go to find an replace and in the find field you hit the space bar twice then in the replace field you hit the space bar once.  Then replace all of them.

After you do all of this…you have to remember when adding text to your book:

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