Running with the Big Dogs!

From left: Tater “Tate” Weiss, Stella Penelope White, and Chloe Mavis Weiss

The first rule of writing is to never use a cliché.  I have never been one for rules, so the night before the biggest day in my writing career…I am going to use the biggest cliché ever! A couple of weeks ago a friend said, “Oh, so now you are gonna run with the big dogs!” and for a brief moment (about 24 hours) I thought, HECK YES I can run with the big dogs!  Amazon may be the English Mastiff of the book selling world (I never thought for a second I was that big), but I could still be a Golden Retriever!  I felt this way until I worked all night on Kindle formats and then had to go to my regular job the next day.  I was humbled (whined long and loud) and realized I had a LOT to learn.  Maybe I should read more blogs from other Pups who have been down this road before.  After all, they had been to the Dog Show before and lived to tell about it.

Regardless, today is the big day.  My book, this I know – Sarah’s Confession, (in both Kindle and Paperback) is for sale…YES, I said for sale on!  It is easy to find me if you type in my full name on the search bar (Reba Ponder Weiss) for those of you who are looking.  Unfortunately, if you search for me in genres, I get lost somewhere in the neighborhood of #220,000 in the ranking.  I feel smaller already.  Then there is the little (big glitch in my world) that I can ONLY put my Video Book Trailer on the Author Page.  I sent Amazon a frantic Email, “How can I upload my video to the RELATED MEDIA section of my seller’s page????HELP NOW!”  I got a very nice email back from Amazon (I have to say they responded quickly) that said:

 “Thank you for contacting us about adding a book trailer to the Detail page of this I know.  A limited number of publishers work with our merchandising teams to add video trailers to book Detail pages.
This isn’t something you can do through Author Central, however, CreateSpace allows you to purchase a video trailer package for your book’s Detail page on our website. The video trailer package includes consultation with CreateSpace’s design experts, to ensure that your video is as engaging and high-quality as possible. For more information about purchasing a video trailer, including the available packages and the options that are included, please visit the Video Book Trailer page at CreateSpace.

Translated in Canine Language, that reads:

“You are not as big of a dog as you thought you were.  All that work you did on a Video Book Trailer will stay in the little dog house on your Author Page.  Thank you for thinking you could run with the big dogs, but please take your homemade toy and stop barking!”

So, I moved on to keywords, tags, illusive descriptions in my Author section that leads the viewer to my trailer (I am kinda a bad dog), and Inside View Features.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not howling at the moon ungrateful.   I am so thankful a person can actually buy the book—I want to pee the carpet!  I have actually already sold 8 paperbacks and 3 Kindles!   Yeah…I think that makes me a Pug.  So I am going to forget about size.  I am gonna take my little Pug self and I am gonna run like crazy!  After all, it is not about how big of a dog you are—in the end it is all about the running!  Woof!

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2 thoughts on “Running with the Big Dogs!

  1. That’s crazy! So, they’re saying that unless you paid their people to create a trailer, then you can upload one?

    • That is correct. Unless you pay them to make the Book Trailer, you cannot post it (as of June 29, 2012) in the Related Media section of your Detail Page (fancy way of saying your main page). You can only post your “homemade” videos to your Author Page. I plan to send a long letter to CreateSpace and Amazon requesting that everyone be able to post a video on the Detail Page (In a nice way of course). Even if they wanted to charge a small fee…say $100…it would be worth it.
      Thank you for commenting.

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