In the Valley

A little over a week has passed since the “Big Launch” of the video book promo.  Wow! This is such an exciting ride.  We have almost 600 views of the video and the YouTube video went international the second night!

A few things I learned:

  1. YouTube has levels (just like in a video game).  When you reach about 390 views, they actually weed out the multiple views from your original IP address.  This means if you have watched your video over and over…it will delete those views from the count.  So, just sitting around and viewing your video over and over doesn’t pay off in the end.  Thank goodness, we did not do this.
  2. It does however, count all the views (even if they are multiple) from other IP addresses.  So your friend in Omaha can view it as many times as they like…and they count.
  3. When you reach the 400 mark, your video count is only updated every 12 hours (this is our estimation).

My nose has also been to the grindstone as I completed the final edits on the manuscript.  Once again, I cannot tell you enough…DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLETE BEFORE YOU WRITE YOUR MANUSCRIPT.  Also one other tiny glitch; the graphics must be above 200dpi (I scanned mine at 600).  The problem is that when the CreateSpace “edit reviewer” converts the file to PDF the graphics are converted to unusable graphics (under 200 dpi).  We tried everything! We converted the graphics to JPEG, GIF, and every other format under the sun.  Nothing worked.  Finally, we realized we must convert the file to PDF ourselves and THEN insert the graphics.  The problem is that we do not have the Adobe programs (we only have the reader).  Thankfully, a friend has the programs and is converting and inserting the graphics for us.  Keep your fingers crossed that it works.

Till Tomorrow,


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