It’s a Wrap!




If you want to self publish a book, these three words should be your mantra.

At the core of any marketing plan are the free social sites you have at your fingertips,  but above and beyond all that, people want to have every part of their senses stimulated!  The best way to accomplish this is to develop a Video Book Promo.  I am not talking about the run of the mill PowerPoint presentation, but a full-fledged book trailer!  I am here to tell you it is possible to do it yourself.  I am also here to tell you, it is possible on an extremely limited budget.  My budget was basically zero.  So what did I do?

  1.  I watched every book promo I could find in my genre.  I started with the top 100 books in my category on and just started looking at any and every video promo out there.  Find out what a book promo looks like produced by the top publishing companies.  Every time you see a book promo you really like….put it in your favorites…or like it, and come back later for ideas.
  2. Think home movies.  Get out the old digital camera and get out there and shoot some scenery.
  3. Visualize your main characters and match them up with friends and family.  Basically, create your own casting call.  Does Uncle Fred look like the villain (or even close to it) in your book?  Do you think the little girl at your church is the most adorable child you have ever seen, and fits the character of the orphan in your book?  Of course you need to get the parents’ permission (and a signed form) but hey, there are people all around you who fit the part.
  4. Now make a plan.  Condense your book into three main parts (beginning, middle, and end) and decide what you want to “share” with your reader.  You are selling books…remember?  Hook your reader with the juiciest parts of your book.  You are not going to tell them what will happen…just make them want to find out.
  5.  Plan a Shoot….  Well, that is a whole new topic, so you have to come back later for the next part.

Until then, check out my Book Promo video for this I know – Sarah’s Confession at my website:


Till tomorrow,


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2 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap!

  1. Wow. You are energetic and full of good ideas. I’m lagging behind on my marketing activities. I’ll have to check back here more often. Not sure I’m willing to take on a video of my memoir in which my disabled sister dies, but maybe there is something I could do.

    • Every story has a visual story that goes on in the writers mind. To make a video you just need to pull out the “main pictures” and combine them. Think of it like a summary in pictures. I have to say, I don’t know how many books the video will actually sell (it will be interesting to find out), but almost 600 people have viewed the video (it has only been up for a week). Over 100 people have signed up on my website to be emailed the day the book comes out. So…it looks like the video has created a little buzz. I am sure there are tender and profound scenes in your story…bring those out in a video.

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