Let The Party Begin!

Today is the day…yes it is!  All the hard work of writing a book, editing, marketing and praying (yes, there has been praying involved) will finally be shared with the entire world! Okay…maybe just the people on my blog, Facebook and Twitter. ;).  It also helps that today’s date is 6/6/12, (interesting that 6+6=12 and 12 is a special number for me), we are six months away from December 21, 2012, Venus is passing directly between the sun and earth, and last but not least; all my friends are screaming, “enough already….just release the darn thing!”  Nothing like friends to bring you back to earth.

Remember, on my previous blog I spoke about my book:  this I know – Sarah’s Confession, as if it were a baby?  Well today we are launching some of the maketing plans for the book, and the “sonogram” for the book is ….. drum roll please…. THE VIDEO BOOK PROMO!  This promo is living proof that YES you can make a video promo on a limited budget.  It is directed by Max Chance, produced by Reba Ponder Weiss, and marketed by Sonda Landrum / www.pixiewizard.com.  In the weeks and months ahead, I will share with you my secrets for producing your very own book promo, but until then, just sit back and enjoy!

Now THAT video can run with the Big Dogs!

Make sure you share it with all your friends and go to my website too at www.rebaponderweiss.com

Oh…and here is a brief summary of the book:

A recluse emerges from the backwoods on the eve of his son’s romantic, southern wedding.  Dinner spirals into chaos when the self-proclaimed prophet announces he hears spiritual messages straight from God.  The voices tell him to prepare the way for the end of the world.  His disturbing words find foothold in undeniable facts as disbelief dissolves into terror.  Those who gathered to celebrate are suddenly faced with an unthinkable dilemma. They must follow him into a remote, secret sanctuary, prepared exclusively survival… or they can die.  As apocalyptic events begin to unfold, the ancient battle of darkness and light quickly becomes a modern reality.

Till tomorrow!


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